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This is a podcast about books. Everything you can imagine, about books. Combine this with the human desire to know (Aristotle) the joy found in good conversation (Montaigne) and a wish to share the results, and you have a good idea of why I host and produce The Biblio File.

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Aug 28, 2013

Abigail Rorer is a wood engraver, and the proprietor of The Lone Oak Press which publishes limited edition, fine press books using...letterpress & wood engraving.

One of Abigail's most delightful books is Mimpish Squinnies: 
Reginald Farrer’s Short Guide to Worthless Plants. "Reginald Farrer (1880–1920) was a...

Aug 23, 2013

Founded in 1978, Shakespeare & Company aspires to create "a theatre rooted in the classical ideals of inquiry, balance and harmony; [and] a company that performs as the Elizabethans did — in love with poetry, physical prowess and the mysteries of the universe."

Home to more than 150 artists, the company performs...

Aug 12, 2013

Rebecca Romney is the Rare Book Expert on Pawn Stars and, former Manager at the Las Vegas Gallery of Bauman Rare Books.

We met in Las Vegas to talk about what she does, why Bauman's is in Las Vegas, her blog, Aldine, Aldus the printer, William Pickering's Aldine poet's series, and collecting fine press books. 

Aug 5, 2013

The University of Nevada, Las Vegas Special Collections Library houses unique, rare, and specialized research material that documents the history, culture and physical environment of the city of Las Vegas, the Southern Nevada region, the gaming industry, and the University of Nevada Las Vegas.

The collections include...