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THE BIBLIO FILE is a podcast about "the book," and an inquiry into the wider world of book culture. Hosted by Nigel Beale it features wide ranging, long-form conversations with best practitioners inside the book trade and out - from writer to reader. Why listen? The hope is that it will help you to read, write, publish, edit, design, and collect better, and improve how you communicate serious, big, necessary, new, good ideas and stories...

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Sep 22, 2020

Lifted from Bill Samuel's website:

Itinerant one-time chartered accountant who has lived in Denmark, East Africa, the Gulf (Arabian/Persian, not Texan) and the Caribbean with shorter stints in Eastern Europe and various rather nice small islands. Born in England into a family with an international outlook, an interest in people and a feeling for the cultural side of life. William Foyle, one of the greatest booksellers, and book collectors, of the twentieth century was his grandfather.  
Bill inherited a passion for books and​ his life ​has largely been ​shaped by those ​he read as a child, which gave ​him a desire to see as much of this wonderful world of ours as​ he could​.
​As for what he's done: ​more or less chronologically: auditing in London and Copenhagen, tourism stuff in Kenya, house building in Portugal, financial consultancy in the UK and the Gulf, Executive Director of an investment bank in Bahrain, Director of Tourism and Superintendent of Offshore Finance in the Turks and Caicos Islands, commercial advisor to the government of St. Helena and Vice Chairman of ​his family business, Foyles bookshop​, which he wrote about in An Accidental Bookseller,  A Personal Memoir of Foyles, and which we talk about in this episode of The Biblio File podcast.  We met in the garden of a villa near the town of Condom, in southern France. The weather was perfect.