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The Rockcliffe Bookfair is one of the oldest, biggest, best used book sales in Ontario, if not Canada. Book dealers travel across the country every year to cash in on the great deals. More than 3500 volunteer hours go into the making of it annually (600 for the full year, let alone one event is, apparently, considered impressive when it comes to parental involvement in school activities). Twenty six thousand books were sold last year, with the same number left over.

Bookfair is organized with well co-ordinated precision (I wont say military) and good humour. It always comes off top notch. Too bad the people behind it don’t run the country…funny… most of them are women, including Maggie Knaus. This exhuberant book lover, mother of two and professional photographer is the ideal choice to Chair the 2006 Fair. It takes place during the first week of November, but the work has already begun. I spoke with her recently about the mammoth task ahead.

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I’ve known Kensel Tracy for 20 years. We met in 1985 when he was in charge of marketing at the Ottawa-Carleton Tourism Commission and I was Membership Director at the Board of Trade.

I can’t think of anyone I’ve ever met who is as energetic and creative as Kensel is when it comes to marketing. Over the years he has worked with and helped Ottawa's Festival of Spring, Winterlude, Habitat for Humanity and many other good community causes. More recently he has been a business coach, helping small companies to market their products and services.

About six months ago he decided to self-publish a book called The Ten Commitments to a Better Life containing his thoughts on achieving success. I spoke with him about the steps he took to turn his inspiration into reality.

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