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THE BIBLIO FILE is a popular podcast on books hosted by Nigel Beale featuring interviews with authors, book publishers, booksellers, book editors, book collectors, book makers, book scholars, book critics, book designers, book publicists, literary agents. People who are connected to and/or love books.
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Jan 28, 2019

The Bookseller is a British magazine reporting news on the publishing industry. In 2010 it was acquired from Nielsen by its then Managing Director, Nigel Roby, who is now Chief Executive, Owner and Publisher of the new, expanded entity. 

I met with Nigel at The Bookseller's offices across the Thames from the Houses of Parliament, in London. Among other things we talk about the history and purpose of The Bookseller and its related enterprises, telling the trade about new books, informing rivals about their competitors' releases, quasi-catalogues, the Blitz, libraries under pressure, Waterstones, Mr. B's, Toppings and high streets, Tim Waterstones's new memoir, Blackwell's, the leveling off of e-book sales, and the production value of print books, subscription book clubs, and click and we mull over some of the hotter topics that today face the book publishing and book-selling businesses.